So, like many people – I wear glasses. Also known as spectacles or eyeglasses to some. I like wearing glasses – they not only help me see, but they reflect my personality. I also have contacts. Sometimes I like to wear my contacts because unlike glasses, they don’t steam up when you come in from the cold or get wet when you are out in the rain. At other times, I don’t wear my glasses or contacts because I simply don’t need them and I seem to see things just fine.

So why title this blog Jeff Wears Glasses? Because I can….and it just seemed to click with the thoughts i have for this blog.

I guess the main reason for titling this blog Jeff Wears Glasses is that for the longest time – I thought I had a very good handle on what I was seeing each and every day. Appreciating the beautiful and interesting things around me and in front of me. Learning from the not so beautiful or pleasant things that happened around me – or may have seen or read –  each day as well. However, what I have truly discovered is that I seem to have been missing quite a bit – even while wearing my glasses or contacts…Go figure. Was I moving too fast? Too slow? Did I have shiny object syndrome? Did I choose to see only what I wanted to see? Depending on the moment, I guess it could have been any of the above.

So here is my deal: each and every day, we are bombarded with all types of images: lights, advertisements, faces, signs, clouds, books, magazines, flowers, mail, television, beverages, rules, reminders, bills, news and if lucky, notes from loved ones that make us smile. Some times the things makes us smile – or perhaps angry or sad. Maybe they make us stop and think. They may cause us to act or reflect. My hope is to look a little closer, a little harder and maybe a little longer to make sure I see as much as I can in this life…..because I think most of us are missing a lot. Some people choose to limit what they see and experience – and that is ok. I just tend to be a little more curious – and if you would like to join me in my journey – then please feel free to tag along.

my life I have been told I have an unending thirst for knowledge. I ask too many questions. I am too detailed and sometimes make people crazy….or make them feel like they are not smart. Truthfully, all I ever have wanted to do is share what I have learned with others. Well, let’s just say I have had some mixed success. So you just take the feedback, adjust the best you can and face the world each and every day hoping to be the best you can.

So – in this blog, you may find that I am not always the best writer, my grammar some times needs some work and   my humor is not for everyone. But this is my blog and I will do my best to make it interesting and enjoyable….and I hope to make it worth your while each and every time you stop by.

So – here we go….and as always, thanks for stopping by. Happy Holidays.



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