All of our lives, most of us thought the only pyramids that existed were in Giza (Egypt). You know – the Sphinx, the three pyramids that everyone thought were tombs for the Egyptian Pharaohs. Well – guess what? There are hundreds of them all over the world. True – many of them are submerged due to the melting ice from the last ice age over 10,000 years ago….but they are located all over the world. Recent news has reported pyramids in the melting ice sheets of Antarctica.

CHINA. In China, there are several pyramids in plain sight which they tried to hide from the Western world and their own people. The Communist Government tried to cover them up……not an easy task, but worth the effort. Nothing too sophisticated. You know, plant a few trees on the slopes and hope no one notices. Go to YouTube and search for “Chinese Pyramids” and there are several videos on this topic. Why the secrecy? Apparently some of the mummies found nearby were cause for concern – hence the reason for the cover-up. You see, the mummies appeared to be of caucasian heritage (or at least had caucasian features) – and this would be very difficult to explain to the Chinese people. Searching Google Earth near the area of Xianyang and Xi’an, one will be amazed at the number of pyramids that are found in the area. Simply amazing.

BOSNIA. In Bosnia, there are several pyramids which have been discovered and are currently being excavated by archeologists and volunteers. Many people believe this is a hoax, but many of the pictures and updates from the exploration team are very convincing. Again, both YouTube and Google Earth provide some very interesting information regarding the discovery of the pyramids in Bosnia. The largest is believed to be larger (and older) than the great pyramid in Giza.

The wonder of the pyramids themselves are the precision with which they were built, their relationship to the constellations in the cosmos and what their true purpose may have been. The ancients that built them must have had much more sophisticated tools and techniques unknown to us – since modern man would would have great difficulty duplicating the construction of these great structures. It is all such a mystery….yet I believe the real truth is out there some where. Known only to a select few. We may never know the truth about the early civilizations that once populated and prospered on the earth thousands of years ago. However, it is a great history that many of us yearn to know.

There are many other pyramids across the world: Japan, Indonesia, South America, Antarctica, Africa and many other places. Take a journey some time through YouTube or Google Earth and be amazed at what our wonderful earth beholds.


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