Ever wonder why we are horrified and shocked by the stories that come out of a country like North Korea, and yet commerce and government officials make official state visits to promote the internet and other trade agreements?

(See previous post regarding Google Maps)

In this case, I am somewhat baffled. Is it so we can view first hand both the beauty and the horror of the Korean landscape from afar – while the people inside the country still have stripped down access to the internet and/or are fed propaganda from the government or other organizations? While I find North Korea – and its new young leader (and first lady) – very interesting, the dark side of North Korea (i.e. the prison camps, the stories of starving residents eating their children, etc.) grows more disturbing in the wake of the North Korean pursuit of nuclear weapons and other technology.

So – we read articles like this, we react or respond in our own way – and then we are on to the next article. True – there is nothing I can do to change the course of North Korea and those eager to do business with a harsh dictatorial government. However, maybe through sharing and raising awareness, we will all be able to find our voice again in making a difference.

I know,  you may be thinking “who is this guy writing this blog article?”.

Activist? No. Teacher? Maybe. Human? I hope so.


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