the big bang theory

My sister and I are fans of the Big Bang Theory.  Is it the love of being nerds ourselves – or the fact that the show is just plain funny? Or both? Well – probably both.

Regardless – the show is great entertainment and the actors are all terrific. One of the best ongoing features of the show is the singing of “Soft Kitty” when one of the characters is sick. Well – mostly when Sheldon is sick, but since Penny (the next door neighbor) was required to sing to Sheldon, she seems to enjoy a verse when not feeling so well. Until this show – I have never heard of this song in my life. Apparently, others have heard of this when they were growing up….so, where was I?

So the other day, my sister had called and was having a rough day. She was also starting to develop some flu-like symptoms. After hanging up with her on the phone, my parents and I decided to cheer her up. I drove to the store and purchased three mylar balloons (a star, a smiley face and Elmo) – what else do you buy a 52 year old woman who has had a rough day – and drove to her house. She only lives about 5 minutes away, but upon my arrival 20 minutes after our call, I found her house completely dark. I rang the door bell and a couple of minutes later, she stumbled to the door half asleep and appearing a little under the weather. She was happy to get the balloons and I told her to get back to bed. When I asked her if she needed anything, she mentioned that she would like some Sprite. Not a problem. I ran to the local convenience store and picked up a couple of bottles and returned to her house.

When I arrived back at her house, I found her lying in bed with an ice pack on her head and trying to rest. I asked her how she wanted her Sprite, she said in a glass with no ice. No problem. I fulfilled her request and made her take a sip of the Sprite before getting ready to bolt. Being a good brother, I said “Is there anything else I can do for  you before I leave”. Expecting a “no – you have done enough” or “I am ok”, she rolls over and says:

“Sing Soft Kitty for me.”

So, I smirked and sang it for her. I had barely finished the song when she said:


OK – I thought – she has been watching too much Sheldon. I chuckled and obliged here , singing Soft Kitty one more time. We both chuckled a little bit and I kissed her forehead before leaving.

I got home and told my parents and we laughed. I don’t ever remember anyone singing to me when I was sick, but I think it is truly good therapy both for any “patient” and the “caregiver”. As for my sister and I, I think we both felt better in those moments of sharing that song and realizing that we were siblings that could still laugh together and care about each other after all these years.

So thanks to The Big Bang Theory for teaching me the song “Soft Kitty“. It’s healing power is evident in the smiles and laughter it puts on our faces whether watching it on television or singing it in real life. The next time I am sick, you better believe I will be looking for her to sing it to me.

Twice. =)


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