On some level, the lyrics to Linkin Park’s “Waiting for the End”  running through my head while I read the headlines in the MSM (Main Stream Media) and ANS (Alternative News SItes/Forums) for the last few weeks. No – I am not morose, a doomsday prepper or a conspiracy theorist – and not that there is anything wrong with any of the aforementioned. But come on, something just ain’t right……..and if you haven’t noticed, well then you haven’t noticed. All I know is that I should have listened to what people have often said:  Live each day to the fullest.

Here’s a quick recap of current events: Fear of a nuclear catastrophe brought on by North Korea. Uptick in volcanic activity worldwide. More meteors or comet debris striking the earth than any time previous – caught on camera and causing damage and injury. SInk holes and land collapses almost every where. Economic collapse in Europe. The bail out of Cyprus and the new banking bailout model for perhaps the rest of the world. DHS buys millions of rounds on ammunition – to save money and nothing else. The impact of not having a budget in the US and its impact on air traffic flow and other sectors. Strange weather patterns continue. Deadly new avian flu virus arises in China. Comet ISON is bigger than originally thought and headed our way in November – but it looks like it may have some company. Fukushima nuclear disaster – no repercussions for TEPCO, yet millions will die  – and not even a mere note of “how to minimize the effects” or “best practices for daily living”. Not one word except an occasional statement that some more water probably leaked in to the ocean. Have they no shame, no humanity? No visible concern for nature, the earth or mankind? I have singled them out, but their failure to share the truth is reprehensible.

Maybe they know something we don’t know. Is there something bigger looming on the horizon? A much more noteworthy event? Something worse? Maybe. Just maybe.

Over the last 24 months or so, here is the one thing that I have decided – no one person, media site or alternative news forum has the answer. There are bits and pieces of the truth splattered amongst all of them. To find one real answer is virtually impossible. The truth is elusive. I am tired. Tired of those who are trying to throw others off the path of knowing and in to the path of confusion. I never tire of learning – but I can digest no more. My intuition is strong and after sorting through the news and forums, I know things are going to be changing soon.

Waiting for the end? Nope. I need to re-adjust a bit……but my one hope is that those who can make a difference, to please do so. Say a big change is coming – to change life as we know it. On some level, don’t all earthlings as well as Mother Nature deserve to transition with some happiness and a sense of having lived, loved, accomplished, failed and existed in a way that we best knew how? The universe will bring what it will bring – we cannot change that. The man-made things: the collapse of the world we know and how we exist in that world are the things that could cause much more pain and suffering. That said – it may be too late. The physical and emotional reaction to the transition that lies ahead may be anything less than rational and/or manageable for some. This may manifest itself in some very ugly behavior.

So there it is. Why wait for the end? It will come one day and there will be nothing we can do to prevent it. Live each day to the fullest and find your own reason to get up every day and be happy you know what it is like to be human. We really can so amazing things. The evil things are inherent – part of our genetic code and how we were designed. Just my opinion. We will once again find our place in step with nature, the animals, the stars, planets and all beings in the universe.

Thanks for reading and wishing you happiness each and every day you awake.   j

Linkin Park’s “Waiting for the End” Video


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